Ponds/Water Features


St Ives gardening Services, have years of experience when it comes to ponds in Cornwall. Weather the pond is for astetic reasons or for fish water we have you covered.


 We have built everything from small garden ponds up to ponds the size of small swimming pools. We do everything for you so the installation process is stress free and hassle free. From digging out the area fot the pond, to walling if the pond is raised above ground.


 We will source only the best materials locally and ensure only the best materials are used.


Water Features

If you are looking to install a water feature for improving your garden or for zen reason we can help.


If you require a water feature built in to a rock system or a free standing fountain we can do it.


Our team will come and meet with you to see and hear your design ideas and give you the advice if needed or bring your idea and design to reallity.


Why St Ives Gardening Services

Our customers and clients are our main priority, we will always work professionally and within set time frames. We have a wealth of knowledge to be able to complete any project of any size.


As a business we have access to all equipment required and have great partnerships with local merchants and suppliers to be able to obtain all the necessary products to complete jobs to a high standard.

15 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Job satisfaction

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